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Roll-Off Dumpster Rental in Phoenix, AZ

Team Clean & Haul is your #1 choice for dumpster rental in Phoenix. We are a family-owned and operated company, and customer service is what we’re known for. With a large inventory and various sizes, Team Clean & Haul is sure to have your dumpster rental needs covered.

See why customers love Team Clean & Haul and always come back to us for their Phoenix dumpster rental needs. Our knowledgeable team is standing by to help assess your needs and ensure you have the right size dumpster for your project, a competitive price, and on-time delivery and pickup. We work closely with our customers to ensure their satisfaction in every part of the transaction.

We Keep It Simple

Ordering a dumpster rental from Team Clean & Haul is easy and hassle-free. Just give us a call and we’ll get your dumpster to you ASAP.

Best Service

You can count on Team Clean & Haul to deliver and pick-up your roll-off rental on time. Easily extend your rental period when needed.


Our affordable pricing can’t be beat. Speak to one of our team members to get a custom free quote today.

Getting the right dumpster size is necessary if you need a smooth waste disposal process. Choosing the right bin can be straightforward, especially if you’ve rented a dumpster. We highly recommend renting the right dumpster size to avoid overloading/overfilling or paying for more space you don’t need. 

At Team Clean and Haul, we make it a breeze to pick the right dumpster size. First, head to our dumpster size page and compare our range of four dumpster sizes. The perfect dumpster size for your endeavor depends on the size of the project and the available parking space on your work site. Estimate the volume of the debris you anticipate producing and use that to select the dumpster size.

What’s more, the experts here at Team Clean and Haul can help you navigate the dumpster selection process. We have years of experience offering dumpster booking services and know the ideal container for your job. What to do after selecting your container? 

Residential & Commercial Dumpster Rental

phoenix dumpster rental

Team Clean & Haul serves residential and commercial customers in the greater Phoenix metro area. When you work with us, you get your local, family-owned team, not just another broker subcontracting its services. If you have specific needs like dumpster placement, delivery, pick-up times that coordinate with your work schedule, or questions about what you can and cannot dump, our friendly staff is here to answer all your questions and accommodate your needs.

So whether we deliver to your area, or you have questions about pricing, contact us. We look forward to working with you and proving ourselves the best dumpster rental company.

Here to Support All Your Projects

We are familiar with all kinds of home and commercial projects and can ensure you get the waste management solution that is best for you. Whether it’s a DIY remodel, garage clean-out, or large-scale construction, we can accommodate your project. Contact us today, and let us show you the Team Clean difference.

Are you ready to utilize the abundant sunshine in Phoenix and tackle a remodeling job? Perhaps you need to improve the outdoor space? You’ll likely need to schedule a dumpster, and Team Clean and Haul is your #1 Phoenix dumpster rental. We provide containers to match any home or commercial waste disposal project. With dumpsters starting from 10 to 40 cubic yards, we can tackle any kind of job, big or small. 

Are you getting ready for a construction or demolition job in Phoenix? We highly recommend a 20 or 30 cubic yards roll-off dumpster for C&D debris. Do you need to get rid of backyard junk? You deserve a garbage-free yard; we’re here to make that happen. Get a residential-friendly receptacle to eliminate landscaping debris and home junk. Whether you need to rent the bin for today’s job or plan, we’ve got your back. Contact our personable dumpster consultants and get the right waste management solutions for the right price. 

How Long Is The Rental Period?

You should rent a dumpster for as long as your project last. Ideally, you need to set your dumpster rental to be delivered on time for you to load. Team Clean and Haul offer customizable rental periods, meaning you can set up a day, a week, or monthly rental. 

Whether cleaning out an estate, upgrading the bath, or doing a full-scale construction project, we’re happy to provide reliable roll-off dumpsters. What are you waiting for? Consult our professional and personable customer support team. 

How Much Does A Phoenix Dumpster Rental Cost?

phoenix dumpster rental

You need to know the cost of renting a dumpster in Phoenix. Thankfully, we offer straightforward fees, and you can request a hassle-free estimate for your preferred dumpster size. We’re happy to work hand in hand and customize a wallet-friendly rate. Our base pay includes the delivery, pickup, weight, disposal, rental period, environmental fee, and everything else. You can pay for your dumpster beforehand and set your timeframe. 

Here, you need to select a container for waste disposal between 15, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yards. Dumpsters are an excellent option for waste removal, and each Team Clean & Haul dumpster has a low-cost price tag. Because this dumpster rental pricing can be quite confusing when scheduling a roll-off container for the first time, we can walk you through it step by step.

Understanding Phoenix dumpster rental pricing is important if getting the biggest bang for the buck is your goal. Team Clean and Haul offer accurate flat-rate prices that fit your budget. While there are many considerations when customizing a dumpster rental fee, we offer flat-rate, hassle-free prices. Hiring a dumpster in Phoenix can be between a couple of hundred dollars to upwards of a thousand dollars. How is the dumpster rental fee calculated?


Do you ever wonder why the dumpster rental price differs from one place to the other? Many things come into play, including the gas costs in your region. The farther a hauler travels to drop off the dumpster, the higher the fee. A surefire way to save money when renting a dumpster is to lease from a local Phoenix dumpster rental. That way, the distance to cover from the storage yard to your job site is short; and ultimately saves time and money. Team Clean and Haul serve the Phoenix area and beyond. We provide bins for whatever residential or commercial job.

Additional Dumpster Prices You Can Expect

Renting a dumpster can be a smooth-sailing process, especially when you follow the guidelines for use. Other dumpster rental prices that can affect the total costs are overages. Dumpster overage is the fee you pay to cater to the disposal of excess waste, trip delays, rental extensions, and other things that interrupt regular services. 

How to Get the Best Value?

Team Clean and Haul are here to make the process convenient for you. We can offer you the ideal dumpster size, ensuring you fill it to the correct weight limit. Also, we serve and call Phoenix home, meaning we can get the container on site soonest. 

Consider a fully-fledged company to meet your project needs when shopping for your container. We provide a wide selection of dumpsters for any project, home, or construction.  

How to Avoid Extra Roll-Off Rental Fees?

At Team Clean and Haul, we let our customers take charge, which means you can avoid paying any extra fee. We highly recommend that you insist on the right dumpster size, and you can achieve this by reviewing the scope of debris to eliminate before ordering a dumpster. 

Equally important is to adhere to your original rental period. Costs are added for any extra days you keep your rental.

Lastly, keep the weight and fill level within the maximum limit to avoid fines. Any extra debris will be an added on cost.

Weight and Debris Type

Dumpster rental companies spend money to dispose of your construction or residential debris. The disposal costs depend on the amount of waste in tons in the dumpster. If you’ve got more tons of garbage to dump, you can be confident of paying more money. The best thing is that our flat-rate price includes the weight limit. 

Your waste type can also impact the dumpster rental price. Are you throwing away construction waste? Do you need to haul yard debris or home junk? Different companies have different pricing depending on the waste type. Often, putting unacceptable garbage in the container can increase the dumpster price. 

Acceptable Waste to Put in A Dumpster Rental

The acceptable garbage type is one thing that’s a must-know when renting a roll-off dumpster. Local and federal guidelines exist on how and when to dispose of certain waste materials. And this comes down to what you can put in your dumpster rental. Team Clean & Haul adhere to these guidelines, and below are some of the acceptable debris you can put in our dumpsters. 

Team Clean and Haul is standing by to provide the solution you need, so whether you have house junk or masonry-related waste to dispose of in the Phoenix area.

Top Rated Phoenix Dumpster Rental

Team Clean and Haul are an unrivaled dumpster rental thanks to top-tier customer service and versatile roll-off dumpsters. No matter the size of the work, we can take away debris fast and efficiently, making your job easier. Our esteemed customers love us for many reasons, and one of the reasons is that we get the work done on schedule.

We go out of our way to tackle emergency projects and provide swift dumpster rental services, including same-day services. Are you looking for the best dumpster rental rate you can get in the market? We offer the most affordable roll-off dumpsters in the Phoenix area. 

Team Clean and Haul was great, the driver was professional and took extra care of the items on my property that made for a difficult placement of the dumpster. I would use them again any time! Thank you Team Clean and Haul.
janis jahaf
janis J.
17:02 29 Sep 21
Great professional and quick service. I called 5 different companies and Team Clean and Haul offered the lowest price. I’ll be using them again soon for sure.
Kurt Alsum
Kurt A.
03:29 09 Mar 19
Super dependable service. I highly recommend Team Clean & Haul.
Logan Newkirk
Logan N.
03:08 09 Mar 19
One of the best companies I have ever used! They get the job done!
The Airgun Podcast
The Airgun P.
02:08 09 Mar 19
They really stepped it up and provided amazing service in a professional and timely manner. Would definitely use them again.
Sarah Mihalcin
Sarah M.
01:55 09 Mar 19
Group at Clean & Haul is highly recommended. We utilize their services for roll off dumpster rentals all over the valley. Can’t say enough great things about this company.
Justin Mihalcin
Justin M.
01:55 09 Mar 19
Great service
beth Owens
beth O.
01:54 09 Mar 19
Team Clean makes it happpen!! I know I can depend on them for my roll off dumpster needs in the greater Phoenix area. Great prices and dependable service!
Preston Dunn
Preston D.
01:42 09 Mar 19
Have been using Team Clean and Haul since April 2018 while building our home. They have been great to work throughout the construction of the home. On Friday, March 1st 2019, they went over the top! My dumpster was double the maximum weight they could haul. The owner of Team Clean and Haul personally came out to home and helped resolve the issue. Excellent customer service!! Thanks
Patrick O'Connor
Patrick O.
15:34 03 Mar 19
Great Service! Was in desperate need of a certain sized bin and Team Clean and Haul went out of there way to get me the bin ASAP. Took a couple of calls to work out the details but they kept in touch and let me know exactly what was going on. I would definitely recommend giving them a call.
Mark Yamamoto
Mark Y.
04:47 09 Jul 18
Team clean and haul is an Awesome family owned company.!!!!! I give it 5 stars 👍🏻
Evelyn Brown
Evelyn B.
04:59 18 Jun 18
Team Clean & Haul did an unbelievably great job of serving us as a customer, providing excellent waste removal, and following through on everything we asked. My organization, Andre House of AZ, is a soup kitchen and hospitality center for homeless men & women in Phoenix. Team Clean & Haul demonstrated their charitable spirit by placing a large dumpster, free of charge, just outside of our gate. Each night, there are ~200 men and women sleeping on the streets at 11th Ave & Jackson. It has more blight/refuse/human waste than any area of Phoenix. Matt & Team Clean & Haul did their community, and Phoenix a great service by alleviating the excess blight on the streets in one of the most difficult areas of the city to serve. As an example, on one of their regular weekly pickups, their driver waited an extra 20 minutes for myself and 3 of our homeless guests to refill the dumpster with trash on the streets after their initial dump because he saw just how dirty it was. Team Clean & Haul is simply a great, socially conscious, customer focused company.
Jay Minich
Jay M.
16:56 30 Jan 18
Great service always on time for us. Reasonable rates.
James Huff
James H.
21:05 28 Dec 17
Outstanding work for an extensive clean up, tear down & haul project!Thank you TCH!!
H Lopez
H L.
03:48 14 Aug 17
Tracy Byus
Tracy B.
12:28 24 Oct 16
I have never had to rent a dumpster before and this Family owned business is FANTASTIC!!! So helpful and really went above and beyond to help me! 100% recommend!
Encores East VIP
Encores East V.
22:29 17 Jul 15

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